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The goal of the initiative is to devise and implement development programs designed to improve MSM faculty's competencies in digital teaching, which is increasingly important as technology plays a significant role in health education. This initiative is funded by NTIA (National Telecommunication and Information Administration)-Connecting Minority Communities Award. During the first year of the initiative, we will be developing and testing the MSM digital learning curriculum, while the second year will focus on the implementation of faculty training and coaching.

These development programs are responding to the critical need of understanding "Job Roles of the 2025 Medical Educator". Such roles include content curator, technology adopter, and learning environment designer, given the latest development of educational technology and trends, especially in artificial intelligence and virtual realities. The modules for this first course are:

  • Module 1: AI and medical teaching adaptiveness
  • Module 2: AI and Various Models of Prompt Generations for Medical teaching  
  • Module 3: Using AI to develop and deliver engaging and learner-adaptive lectures