This conference is part of a coordinated global initiative aiming to address various aspects to advance knowledge, enhance care and accelerate the adoption of the latest guidelines in routine practice in the areas Cardio-Metabolic Renal diseases. In addition to our signature annual scientific session “Heart, Diabetes, and Kidney – Make the Link”; we are working on many relevant initiatives including but not limited to: • Exploring opportunities to create a new subspecialty and certification program in cardio-metabolic-renal medicine. • Drafting a curriculum for postgraduate courses, diplomas and Master degrees addressing this new subspecialty to be endorsed by different academic institutes. • Have a well validated Cardio-Metabolic Renal risk score • Developing a new algorithm to identify, diagnose, and treat these disorders collectively along with integrating the relevant local dynamics and concerns into viable clinical care roadmaps. • Encourage research projects in these domains and offer training and workshops. • Supporting international and regional educational initiatives on cardio-metabolicrenal topics.